Well, Today Was Fun…

Soooooooooooo this week has been going great… (Insert sarcasm here)

School has already been driving me crazy and we are in our first month (see my previous post if you’re interested in details), my dad STILL won’t let me get my own car, and just today I almost let my neighbor’s little kid drown…

My Neighbors Are Rich

My neighbors have a lot of money and they are not afraid to show it. The guy is some kind of crazy doctor and his I don’t think the wife is a lawyer but I know she does some kind of work in law so I know she makes good money too. They have 4 cars, a huge house, and as I’m sure you can guess at this point a huge in ground pool in the back yard. This picture isn’t the actual pool but it looks something like this:

Obviously without the tropical background but it falls off like that at one point. For whatever reason that little drop off makes it look like it’s worth a hundred times more than without it. I would like to add that they have no fence or barrier around the thing. It’s completely open which I don’t think is the smartest idea when you have a little kid running around. I’m definitely not going to be the one to say it to them but someone should. They can’t be that expensive and you can get ones that you can apparently take out easily. I was so wrapped up with this whole thing that I was actually looking at fences online when I got him. Click here to see what I am talking about. They probably wouldn’t go for this type though, not “classy” enough for them.

So anyways every once in a while, about once maybe twice a week, my neighbors ask me to babysit their little 4 year old girl, Haley after school which I actually liked doing before today. They pay me $25 an hour and they always have any kind of food you could ever imagine and always tell me to eat or drink whatever I want. These people have so much crap in their house I could probably take half of it and they wouldn’t even notice.

Why couldn’t these people be my parents? I would probably have 2 cars by now and weigh 250 pounds from the amazing food they always have… Ahhh how sweet life would be..

Back to Almost Letting my Neighbor Drown..

So me, my brother, and Haley were all in the family room just watching TV like we normally do but I was super tired today for whatever reason and accidentally fell asleep. Who knew watching cartoons made for a 4 year old would make someone fall asleep..

So next thing I know I wake up alone in this family room and I immediately start to panic. I jump up immediately and run to the kitchen to find my idiot little brother of course sitting at the kitchen table eating pizza alone so I frantically ask where Haley was at. The little moron of course had no idea so I start freaking out even more. At this point I’m literally thinking about which state sounded like it would be the most fun to live in because I might have to just run away and never look back.

So after searching the entire house to no avail, my heart skips a beat and I just mutter to myself, “oh my God the pool…”

I literally sprint downstairs and bust through their back doors to the pool and sure enough, there is little Haley playing with one of her toys literally less than 10 feet away from the pool. I scared her so bad with my panicked expression and yelling her name that she started crying which I feel really bad about, but the relief that I felt when I picked her up is indescribable.

So I obviously didn’t tell my neighbors or my parents about this little incident and blackmailed my brother because he was awake and didn’t know either so I don’t have to worry about him telling anyone. It might not be as bad as I am making it out to be but if she would have fell in that pool on accident my life would have been over. It really is crazy how much life can change in the blink of an eye when you least expect it…

If You Hate School Please Raise Your Hand….

This guy right here teach…

Seriously though, I don’t think I can get through this last year of high school; I really don’t. I hate everything about it. My classmates, my teachers, homework, projects, group projects, tests… You name something about school and I hate it. It’s really getting to the point that it’s making me nervous and worried about the rest of my life. I can’t even begin to think about college right now…

Waste of my LIFE!!!

Why do they put us through this torture? Alright I understand that everyone needs a basic education and that the best innovators and inventors in the world are there because of school or whatever, but some of this stuff I am learning about as a SENIOR is mind blowing. And I’m not even complaining about the hard classes and I’m not mad because I am not well in school because I am. I have a solid 3.7 GPA (yayyyyyy) and never really struggled with any of the work or anything, but I just think most of the classes I have taken are an absolute waste of my life. Could someone please explain to me why a senior in high school is taking German 1? Yeah, along with everyone else I picked pretty much every blow off class that I could and even though they are beyond easy I can’t stand the thought of walking into one of the rooms again.

Too Easy….

I think this actually makes me way madder than the harder classes and long projects. When I was talking to my counselor about my classes this year and going to college next year she herself, my counselor who is supposed to encourage learning and education and all of that nonsense, told me it’s an option to take a couple blow off classes to enjoy my senior year because I had already taken way more classes than the average student and what’s usually looked at for where I want to go to college.

So let me get this straight… By definition, common sense would say that a “blow off” class is a total waste of time and you take it because you can blow off the idea of any hard work or time that you would for any other class. I know this class is a blow off. You know this class is a blow off. Everyone knows this is a blow off class…. So Mrs. Counselor, I would like to politely as you …. WHY THE HELL AM I WASTING MINE AND YOUR TIME WITH THIS NONSENSE?!?!?!

I don’t like the German language and have absolutely ZERO interest in learning it so doesn’t it make sense that we don’t waste anyone’s time or life here? I just don’t get it.


I am literally praying to whatever gods are out there that college doesn’t suck. I really am. I was kind of hoping that by the time I got to this milestone in my life that this whole college fad would have faded by now and that I wouldn’t have to go to have any shred of a chance at finding a good job when I’m older. Butttttttt unfortunately according to this NY Times article, college is more important than ever and it’s only going to get more and more important.

Well according to the movies, college is supposed to be an enormous keg party with girls in bikinis running around everywhere, right? Because if it isn’t I don’t think I’m gonna make it…

I Think I love Nature

Nature… It’s Crazy

So I think I love nature and have never had this sense of appreciation for it that I all of a sudden have. As you know, I have been working at a tree company for the summer and have been around a lot of trees and other kind of nature. I don’t think the majority of people really appreciate it for what it is.

Think about it for a second. Just take a look at the next tree that you see and really take it in. Think about what that tree started off as and what it is now. How much time had to go by for that thing to get to where it’s at? Now think about all the trees in your city. Now think about all the trees on the planet. They all started from nothing and have grown into these beautiful and powerful things that give us the very thing we need to live.

It’s just so hard for me to wrap my head around everything starting from something so small and growing into something so big over such a long period of time. Look at a picture of the redwood creek trails I found online and think about the time that has gone by for it to look like this:

What did it look like before all of this grew? What’s it going to look like in 500 years? I’m so scared that we humans are just going to destroy all the nature in the world someday and we are going to turn into cyborgs that don’t need oxygen to breathe. Maybe not total cyborgs but there’s no way we are going to have the nature that we have today.

Now think about all the living things that are on this planet and what they all started off as. I was listening to this debate the other night on youtube and one of the guys debating said that over 99% of every species that has ever lived on planet earth is now extinct. Wait…. What? I had to rewind the video and make sure I heard it right but it is, look it up. I can’t even wrap my head around something like that. I’m going to get a little deep here and I don’t want to offend anyone, but I really am not a religious person at all so to me, this little fact is absolutely mind blowing. Earth is just the absolute perfect home to harvest so much life and the vast variety that is on here is amazing. It really makes me feel small and insignificant but at the same time, makes me feel so special to be on this planet with the ability to think and understand what is going on. I really have never gave too much thought into any of this before yesterday and it’s all I have been thinking about since.

Why Have I Become a Hippie Overnight?

I never really cared about plants or any real nature for that matter and never gave it much thought at all. But the other day, we had a job at this house to take out a stump in the middle of his backyard. Check out this tree service site to get an idea of what goes into this kind of a job. Yeah, it sucks. This was actually my first time taking out a stump and was way harder than I thought it would be.

So it took 2 days to finish and when we got the actual stump out of the ground, I couldn’t believe how big it was. Check this out:

Yeah, they really are that big. I knew it was going to be big but didn’t think it would be that big.

And that is when it happened. For whatever reason, I just started thinking about how much time has gone by for it to grow into what it is and I just had this epiphany of how amazing everything is when it comes to nature.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start wearing tie-dye and smoking pot or anything, but I really do have a new appreciation for what I do and nature in general.

Dangerous Jobs

So I’ve heard a lot of different opinions and what people think are the most dangerous jobs out there these days. I kind of always thought there were the obvious but there are some that I looked up last night that I was surprised to see. So before I looked at this list my top 3 in order of what I thought was the most dangerous first:

1.Police Officer

2. Firefighters

3. Fishermen

I have to say that I would never have put a fisherman as one of the most dangerous workers but I think by now everyone has at least heard of the TV show The Deadliest Catch and has heard that it is one of the most dangerous jobs out there right now. I really didn’t like the show at first but the more I watched it the more I liked it. I honestly cried when that captain on one of the boats died and his son became the new captain. I’m not even ashamed to admit it. That was one of the saddest things I can remember seeing on TV and I felt so bad for the son. My dad used to take me fishing when I was a kid all the time and it used to be one of my favorite things in the world. We would just go to nearby lakes and take trips sometimes but I have never, and would never, go fishing on the ocean in one of those boats on the show. I honestly get nauseous  and terrified just seeing it on TV. No thank you.

So before I go to bed I usually just surf the internet and usually end up on some random site that I have never been to don’t even know how I got there. Well last night I ended up on forbes’ site and found a top 10 list of their most dangerous jobs. There were a few on there that was not surprsising, like a firefighter but then there were some that I have never heard of people saying it was dangerous. The first one they listed was an airplane pilot which really shocked me. Now I’m not the biggest fan of flying and I have gotten actually pretty nervous the couple of times I have flown but I think I’ve heard that flying is like 100 or something times safer than getting in a car and driving anywhere. I was also surprised to see lumberjack on there. Now I don’t consider myself a lumberjack by any means but I do work with trees so it was interesting to me.

Wasn’t there a really old movie where someone was shoved into one of these things? That really makes me cringe thinking about it now that I have worked with these things before.

I really have never heard of any true complete horror stories of anyone falling into a chipper in real life or anything like that, but some of the older guys I work with definitely have some stories and injuries throughout the years. Most of them complain about the pain they go through every night before bed and how it only gets worse. Most of them have broken at least one bone and one even broke his collar bone from a falling branch one time. I don’t really get scared when I go to work and I think most people don’t like to think of the bad things that could happen wherever they are. I think I would just rather block out negative thoughts about my job and stay positive.

Hardest Parts of My Job

Hardest Parts About My Tree Job

I can’t say that I love my summer job at this tree company but everyone has to work right? Nobody wants to work and we all have parts of our job that we don’t like so I figured I would share mine and see if anyone else can relate.

I would have to say that the most physically demanding parts of my job would be tree or stump removals. Especially if there was a huge storm or some kind of extreme weather that was enough to blow trees over. I have seen cars and parts of houses pretty much destroyed from huge storms. What makes this even harder is the fact that when there is a big storm, there is obviously going to be more than one house that gets hit. We only have so many guys and when we are bombarded with calls from people needing emergency tree removals, there is only so much work we can get to and finish. We always try to finish these jobs as quickly as possible so we can try and get to more houses but when working with enormous trees and damaged property we have to be very careful and safe which can sometimes us down.

We were working a job last a few weekends ago and this guys yard was an absolute disaster after a storm. And I mean disaster. Picture something like this:

I know, right? Maybe not that bad but it was bad. It took us a while to clean everything up and whatever but after we were done we were filling out paper work and just chit chatting with the guy who lived there and he was really cool asking us about our job and everything and he started talking about his roofing job. He pretty much said the same thing about having to do a crazy amount of jobs after storms hit and these were his busiest times too. He worked at this roofing company and he told me that he has seen houses and roofs destroyed from storms and that’s where they make most of their money. It makes sense though. I wouldn’t even know where to begin if the top of my house got ruined or there was a hole in it. But I’ve never been that much of a “handy man.”

Angry Customers

Nothing makes me more frustrated than people who call us and get mad when we don’t finish a job quickly. Along with pretty much everything else in life, people want things done as quickly as possible with totally unrealistic expectations that are virtually impossible to meet a lot of the time.  Now I get it, if a giant tree fell on your car or house you are going to want that thing gone as soon as humanly possible. The thing is, clearing an entire fallen tree from a yard is not as easy as just tying it up to a crane and taking it with us. There are times that we will give someone an estimate on how long something will take and why, and they will flat out tell us that it’s not good enough and we need to get it done in half the time. Um ok?I’ve really learned to keep my cool in these kinds of situations and have learned ways of trying to talk in lamens terms to try and make them understand how unrealistic it is. But they just don’t want to listen. My boss has been guilty of cracking under the pressure a lot of times and just telling us to make it work.

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed and feel like I could be doing a better job but that kind of thing comes with any job in the real world right? (I hope not) All said and done I really can’t complain too much about my job. The guys I work with make up for it and by the end of the day we are usually laughing at anyone who got mad at us throughout the day.

Favorite Parts of My Job

My Co-Workers

I think the people that I work with would have to be my favorite part of my job. The company that I work at has 11 of us guys and we all get along great. I’m the youngest of the guys and sometimes it’s annoying like when they give me a hard time and bring up how young I am. I get it, I’m young. They really don’t do it a lot though so it doesn’t bother me too bad. I also know that they party a lot after work and go to bars and stuff which I can’t wait to be able to do some day. It also doesn’t bother me because someone is always giving someone else a hard time and laughing about something. We take turns bashing each other for almost anything and we’ve all grown pretty thick skins from working with each other and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is kind of random but to give you an idea of who I work with and their sense of humor, I found this post while I was just looking up random stuff online and thought it was pretty funny. This is definitely something I could see a couple of them doing and laughing about it for days. Here’s a picture if you don’t want to watch the video.

Most of the guys are older and married so I don’t really hang out with them outside of work. I feel like I’m at a weird age. I don’t want to be old enough to get married or have kids or anything like that. But I also don’t want to be this young where I have to depend on my parents for a lot of things like having my own car. Alright I’m done talking about the car.

I think if i had to spend all day every day with either my family or the guys that I work with I’d go a little crazy so it is awesome to have balance of both. I get to mess around with the guys at work and not get treated like a child all the time but then I get to go home and spend time with my friends or family. Life is actually pretty good now that I’m thinking about it.

Grateful Customers

As much as customers complaining can frustrate me, grateful and happy customers make me just as happy. These types of customers really are more common than ungrateful ones and they motivate me to keep working hard.

What really gets me is when we do work for older couples and the husband has gotten to the age that he just can’t do the physical work anymore. Sometimes I get really sad when we do work for older people and I get terrified. Getting old is one of my biggest fears and seeing older people not being able to do work they used to is scary. But hey we all have to get old and die some day so I try not to think about it.

I know the work ethic that my parents generation has and how men were in charge of doing pretty much all of the hard manual work around the house when they were younger. I don’t think guys have the same work ethic anymore and it really is a sad thing. So when we finish a job at an older couple’s house I feel like I’m doing my part in paying them back for all the hard work that they have done in their lives even if deep down I would really rather be doing something else. I also enjoy it when I sometimes catch someone watching us working from their house. I don’t know whether or not they are just making sure that we aren’t ruining their house or yard or if they are interested in the work that we are doing, but I like to at least pretend that they care a little.

The majority of people are pretty standard and just thank you for a job well done, but those ones that are truly grateful and you can tell how much they appreciate what you’ve done helps get me through the day. I might not be a doctor saving lives or an engineer designing buildings, but the world needs people to take care of what gives us oxygen to breathe too right? I’m at least going to keep telling myself that before work every day.

My Typical Work Day

I don’t want to sound like a character in a movie but I live a pretty simple life and I am ok with it. I still live with my family which sucks but everyone keeps telling me to enjoy it while it lasts and that I’ll miss it some day. Yeah, I’m really going to miss being woken up on my summer vacation to my little brother crying about a broken toy or something stupid like that. I can’t wait to move out. I guess I really enjoy not having to pay rent or any kind of bills like that but at the same time I am just tired of always having to deal with my family breathing down my neck 24/7. I mean I know I would miss them and I do love them, but I just want to be left alone sometimes and I don’t feel like I get any privacy. If I had it my way I think I would like to spend like 2 or 3 days at home then get my own place and live there the rest of the week. Now that would be perfect and just writing about it is making me wish it was true but I wish a lot of things were true and is just not happening. Alright I’m getting a little off topic. So as you know from my first blog, I work at a tree company in the summer and although I complain about it a lot, it’s really not bad as far as jobs go. The building that my work is at is only about a 20 minutes away from my house and the drive to the sites we work at are usually longer than my drive to work. We usually get about a week notice for most of our tree work or jobs that we have to do, as long as its not an emergency tree removal situation or something like that, which actually just happened and I talked about it in my last blog article. There are times when people have called us crying because of a tree collapsing on a house or car and sometimes those jobs will take priority over others. But for the most part, we know exactly what we are going to be doing and where we are heading for the day.

The actual work I do really varies from day to day. If I had to decide, I would say the most common work that we are called to do is pretty basic tree cutting. It really isn’t that difficult of a job to do, but most people don’t have tools and equipment to do it. These kinds of jobs mostly consist of using electric saws. It really only takes bit of practice, but you eventually get the feel of how to make certain cuts and changes to trees to make them look more natural. It might not be as noticeable to people who don’t do what I do, but I can always tell if a tree or landscaping work has been done by someone who knows what they’re doing or not. I’ve even called my mom out on some trees we have in our yard that my dad trimmed a few years back and I now can tell that he isn’t exactly a professional. For bigger jobs, it can take up to a week to finish and these obviously require much bigger equipment like small cranes or bulldozers. Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about:

I do know how, but I am not one of the guys that operates these heavy machines. I am one of the younger guys on hand and am usually doing the more manual and hands on parts of the jobs. I enjoy it now because I feel like it really helps to keep me in shape and exercise, but I do hope to one day be one of the guys behind the wheel of these big machines and be in more of a leadership type role. It’s actually a coincidence and not the reason I got this job, but my uncle is one of the higher up guys for this tree service company and he really does love his job so maybe I’ll stick with it. I don’t know how long I’m going to keep this job for but if  stay for a long time I hope to move up.


Once our work is done for the day, which is usually before 6pm, I usually head straight home and then see if my friends are doing anything fun. If nothing’s going on I usually just stay home and eat dinner with my family then play video games. My favorite game to play is Halo. Everyone started playing Call of Duty when it came out and I think it’s more popular than halo now but that game seriously just enrages me. Halo takes skill to play and in call of duty people will just camp in a corner and wait til you walk right into their cross airs and just shoot. I’ve never played a game that made me so mad.

Welcome, Story about my summer job with Tree Care Company

Guess what? It’s Sunday which was supposed to be my only day off this week and since there was this huge thunderstorm last night that blew down about thirty trees around town guess who had to go to work? Yeah I got called in to do some emergency tree service. I’m not super mad, we got paid extra for working on a Sunday and I didn’t really have anything planned anyways.

I was watching this last night to get myself pumped for the next day:

I got to see some cool destruction today too from the fallen trees around town. On Hampford this huge branch fell right onto this guy’s car and busted out the rear window. So not only did he have his roof bent up from the tree limb removal caused by the storm but his window got broken and all the water got into the inside of his car and you could tell that his leather seats were wreckedd. The only way he lucked out is that the tree didn’t come off of his yard it came from the house across the street so he didn’t have to get stuck with paying for a whole tree removal on top of his car repairs. Maybe he does’t have to pay for the car repairs if he has insurance, not sure how all of that works BECAUSE MY DAD STILL WON’T LET ME GET MY OWN CAR.

It’s getting super annoying. He’s like oh sure you can just borrow my car or your mom’s car whenever you like and you can just save your money for when you need it! Oh really dad because you only let me take your car or mom’s car when you want me to drive my little brother to soccer practice or run out to the grocery store for you or something like that. I’m just going to sneak off one day and pick up some rusted out little crappy car and park it in the driveway and what are they going to do? Tell me to take it back for a refund?

Oh yeah the destruction around town. I never saw this before but this pine tree that must have been about seventy feet tall fell over and it ripped the entire root system out of the ground with it. You could have given my dad’s company five thousand dollars to do a tree removal and stump removal and even if we dug all day there’s no way we could have gotten all the roots of this huge tree to just come out all at once. It seriously looked like somebody had just delivered a live Christmas tree and laid it there next to the whole to plant in the ground. Actually, my dad asked the guy if he wanted us to just replant the tree. I don’t know if he was joking or if there’s some way to actually do that but the guy was just like no we might as well just get rid of it. Pine trees are the worst because the sap gets all over you and it can mess up your saws and your other tools. The lady whose tree it was was pretty lucky because usually the tree removal and the stump removal are a separate thing but since the whole tree was out of the ground and still in one piece my dad just gave her a straight removal price. It was super easy anyways, we didn’t have to climb since it was laying on the ground.

But yeah I would think we could have just stood the tree back up and if it sat in its hole right it would have been fine. The trunk was seriously fine, it wasn’t cracked in the slightest bit. Maybe some of the roots got ripped up when the tree fell over but that’s the part of the tree that grows he fastest anyways. It’s not like we get huge windstorms here every week, that’s probably going to be the only bad one fo the summer and there will be plenty of time for the tree to get its roots back before that happens again. Hopefully I will have more content for this blog because of it.

Tonight we’re going to go bowling. It’s been like three weeks since the last time we went. At the beginning of summer we were going like twice a week but everybody got their stupid summer jobs so we’re having a hard time all getting out at the same time. We made a bet that whoever does the worst bowling has to but dinner for whoever does the best at coney island.